[en] Suggestions for Twitter / TweetDeck / Echofon & others

Lately I’ve had a number of ideas that would improve the user’s experience with the well known microblogging platform. But because they are not only related to the site itself I’ll lay them down in a categorised kind of way :


The main things I would add would be:

  • a search box in the following / followers area, so you can find your followers easier by name or location ;
  • the possibility to switch between the normal mode and a landscape mode where you can view your tweets in a slider sort of fashion. ;
  • the option to hide/unhide the sidebar ;
  • the option to insert a link on a piece of text like this ;
  • on the tech side, they need to work harder to prevent even more serious bugs than the follower count, the lists and the number of tweets (just to name the most “important” of them)
  • the option to have the sidebar on the left (I think there are people who would like that)
  • the option to sign into multiple accounts from the same sign in page & tabs to navigate between the accounts On the plus side, I’d like to congratulate them for the Tweet Button & “Who to follow”. I find that very useful 🙂

Tweet Deck

  • firstly it would be appreciated if they’d add more default themes ( I know we can customize the interface ourselves but still..)
  • then, the possibility to change the colors of individual elements . For example, the links in one color, the mentions collumn in one color and so on
  • as with twitter, the option to have separate accounts grouped into tabs and have separate notifications for each one
  • an option for a landscape way to view your tweets, like the one suggested for twitter
  • the ability to interact with the program via mouse gestures

One thing I really like is that they have a preview right now called “User Stream Preview” which delivers you the tweets in true real time. Great feature!

You may not have heard of it, so before I begin with the suggestions, we have a review thanks to twitter user @mirceaiurcu .

Echofon is a twitter-client that appeals to a pretty large audience, that’s because it’s available for both PC and Mac users. In fact, Echofon contains a suite of applications among which versions for the iPhone and for the iPad.

Echofon for Firefox is an addon which comes as a button in the lower right part of the browser windows ( on the status bar) which can extend showing you recent tweets, mentions or direct messages. It also comes with a graphic interface where you can select your preferences.

Advantages :

– Share Link  – you can post the link of the site you’re visiting , on twitter, instantly;

– Pop-Up – Echofon shows you the tweets in real time, without the need of re-opening / closing the windows;

– Memory usage – being an addon, the memory consumption is minimum;

– Easy to Use – I think Echofon is the most simple twitter client you can use;

– UI – it has a very simple and friendly interface;

– Multi theme – Echofon has a variety of themes than can be used;

Pictures :


the preferences dialog box-


the pop-up feature-


the expanded view-

And now some of my ideas of improving Echofon :

  • after some time you kind of get bored of the themes, so I’d like them to add more themes
  • the option to simultanously log into multiple accounts as well as managing them
  • like for Tweet Deck, separate notifications for each of the accounts
  • a more customizable inferface whith the possibility to change individual colors

Even though it’s a lot to ask from an addon, it would make our lives easier. 🙂

Comment on this article , tell me what you think about my ideas and make your own suggestions, I’ll add them in a later edit of this article. And if you find interesting what I tweet, please do follow me @Sszecret .


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