Statistics hunters

I see it everywhere. On some sites , the webmasters add 3 or 4 vistior counting widgets and like 10 other statistic related items. I mean, what’s the matter with you? Are you a multinational company that needs to count the amount of visitors it has per day? Few people are interested in that!

For example, from a blog people expect good quality posts and a catchy design. Not mountains of statistics . A blog is a place where you write because you want, because you like writing and because you want people to hear or read what you think about something. It’s not a place where you come each day just to see how many more visitors you have, compared to another blogger.

I admit, i have this widget thing that counts the visits I had so far. It says 6 thousand and a little more visits. So what? I don’t care if an ordinary person reads my blog or if it’s Bill Gates ( just an example). I don’t care if the number has 3 digits or 10.

If I don’t care , why should you?

So, are you a statistic hunter or not?


One thought on “Statistics hunters

  1. xmusikxkod

    So personaly,I use only one web counter,it’s quite tiny and I do not think that it’s distrubing for the eye;because as you said on some sites you may find even 3-4 of these.I think that the fact that people use so many of them is to keep a better track of their stats NOT, they are doing it…I don’t now just to show off,or maybe not? It’s their choice.As I said before it is good to keep track of your visitors,but don’t over do it,only one gadget will be enough. If people are interested in what you are writing ,it’s more than sure that they will come back to check what you’ve written another day…


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